Each Sunday morning in our Main Sanctuary, we have our Traditional-Blended Worship Services at 9 a.m.  Even though we use the term”traditional”, these services actually lean toward the “blended” side, with a mixture of hymns and popular choruses, in a multiplicity of styles (classical, jazz, popular, country, gospel, etc.). Instrumentalists and singers lead the services through our DBC Orchestra, Adult Choir, and DBC Ensemble, interspersed with soloists and Children’s Choirs.  Our goal is to coordinate musical selections each week with the sermon themes and help to prepare hearts for the week’s message.  We’d love to have you come worship with us!





Every Sunday morning in our Main Sanctuary, we have our Contemporary Worship Service at 10:30am.  Even though we use the term “contemporary”, this service leans more towards a praise and worship environment.  The praise band leads us in many enjoy many modern day praise and worship choruses and some older hymns.  We enjoy the same sermon as the Traditional Worship Service.  Worship God with your family in a casual relaxed environment!