Mwembo Makaba at DBC, May 21-28

Come & hear DBC Missionary Partner,
Mwembo and Adrienne Makaba
(Child Evangelism Fellowship in CONGO)

they will be with us to share about their
lives and ministry on the following dates:


Sunday, May 21 –    
Mwembo/Adrienne in 6 p.m. ARC-youth worship
Monday, May 22 –    
Mwembo in Bob Schwarz’ men’s group 6 a.m.
Tuesday, May 23 –    
Adrienne, Women’s Bible Study-(Maryanne Seher) 9 a.m. Fellowship Hall Tuesday   
Adrienne, Coffee Fellowship with Women’s Evening Bible Study Groups -7-8:30 p.m.-Fellowhip Hall
Sunday, May 28-      
Mwembo and Adrienne will be speaking at the conclusion of the worship services
Mwembo/Adrienne will be in the Prime SS class @ 9am
Mwembo will be speaking at the Kid’s Rock at 10:30am